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Veterinary Digital Solutions or V D S is a privately owned business, est 2004

Location: Ontario, Canada


Refurbished Computer Hardware (Windows & Mac)
We sell name brand business class computers (HP, Lenovo, DELL, Mac) at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of new. We have partnerships with leading refurbish centres in Canada, and can provide you with business class computers at a fraction of the price of new.

Launched in March of 2015, VDSBackup is a leading backup solution for the veterinary industry, uniquely designed for our needs and works with all of the leading veterinary software packages.

VDSBackup is currently used by hospitals running AVImark, AlisVet, Cornerstone, DVMax, and Impromed Infinity to name a few.
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Veterinary RX Labels custom designed to fit veterinary prescription vials, and to work with Veterinary software such as Advantage+, AlisVet, AVIMark, Cornerstone, DVMax, & Impromed Infinity to name a few.  VDSLabels are made from high quality RX Thermal grade paper, with special adhesives to allow for repositionability, and UV protection.


I.T. Services
We currently provide remote I.T. support to veterinary hospitals for many of the current veterinary software packages, including Advantage+, AlisVet, AVImark, Cornerstone, DVMax, DVManager, DVM Manager, Impromed Infinity, & Vetware to name a few.  We also provide onsite support in most areas of Canada and currently have customers in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.  We specialize in servicing veterinary software and have served the veterinary industry since 1993.  VDS was officially established in 2004.

Custom Remote Training Systems
With formal training in psychology (team building and communication) coupled with certification in veterinary hospital administration and technology implementation, VDS is a leader in providing custom remote and onsite training for your entire veterinary hospital team for communication strategy and technique, team building, empowerment, and marketing / brand development and implementation.